Accomodations at Jackson Hot Springs Lodge

Fireplace Cabin

Once you’ve soaked your bones in our natural hot springs pool you’re sure to sleep like a baby. Featuring Fireplace cabins, Jackson Hot Springs Lodge certainly has accommodations sure to fit any taste. From wood log cabins sporting working fireplaces, we at Jackson know what it means to get a good night's sleep. Check out our room styles and rates and book your stay today!



Room Rates:

·        Couple's Fireplace Cabin               $136/night

·        Standard Fireplace Cabin              $146/night

·        Pet-Friendly Fireplace Cabin          $146/night

·        Fireplace Two-Bedroom Cabin        $166/night

·        Tent Sites                                  $30/night

*No hidden cost.  All rates include pool use and tax.

*We accept Visa, Discover, and Master Card

Lodge is open:

Monday 8am-12pm

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday 12pm-10pm

Friday & Saturday 8am-12am

Sunday 8am-10pm


Book Your Room Now:

Sorry, Tent sites are not available online.
Please Call 406-834-3151


Hot Springs!!!

At Jackson, our hot springs are 100% natural. The water is heated geothermally and is pumped to the surface of the earth much like a geyser. Our water typically comes out of the spring around 155° F, which we then cool naturally to keep our mineral pool between 94°F and 103°F. Great for muscle relaxation, blood circulation and relief for a variety of other ailments, our pool is sure to refresh you inside and out. Please note that our pool is drained and cleaned every Wednesday. Children have to be 3 years of age and potty trained to go in the pool.

The pool is closed on Wednesdays for cleaning.